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The assignment title is the overall title for the whole group of questions. Each question needs a title, text (the question body), a hint (displayed after an incorrect answer), and an answer. The type is one of the following:
The answer must match exactly, including case.
Exact (Case-insensitive)
The answer must match exactly, but differences in capitalization are ignored
Numeric with tolerance
Expects a numeric answer and allows a 2% tolerance (for rounding).
Multiple choice
Allows a choice from a pre-set list of answers. If this is selected, the prompts section must be filled in.

Once you have added the questions, click the "Create Assignment Button" to create the assignment. A box will pop up with a link to download it. You will also get a bunch of text in a box below this. If you want to recreate the assignment later without retyping everything, copy and paste this text to a file. When you want to recreate the assignment, copy and paste the text from the file back into this box and hit "Create from direct input."

Formatting Instructions


Questions involving mathematics or equations can be written using mathjax (which will make the equations look fancy). To indicate an equation, type the equation between backticks (` `). For exponents or superscripts, use ^, for subscripts use _. Set off denominators with parentheses. For example, `a^2 + b^2 = c^2` will show up as \[a^2 + b^2 = c^2\].

Other formatting options

Lists: You can make lists by starting the list with [LIST] and ending with [/LIST]. Each separate item in the list should start with [*] and end with [/*] (including the brackets).

Subscript and Superscript: Subscript can be done either with mathjax (above) or by surrounding the subscript with underscores (_). Superscripts are the same, but use carets (^). None of these marks will show up in the assignments--the text will be properly typeset.


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